Baste – to sew together temporarily with a running stitch

Computer Assisted Quilting – quilting done by picking a pattern from computer and sizing and setting it to fit to your particular quilt. The computer then guides the machine over your quilt, while quilting the pattern.

Custom – any quilting that is not edge to edge, stitch in ditch, different pattern on boarders, set it patterns in each block, and any added free-motion touches.

Edge to Edge –  quilting runs continuously from one edge of the quilt to the other, one pattern all over quilt.

Free-motion – is any pattern done with machine by hand guiding it on to the quilt.

Longarm Quilting – longarm quilting is when a quilter uses a machine with a large throat to quilt a pieced top.

Press – means to iron the fabric, to make free of wrinkles

Sashing – plain or patchwork strips of fabric sew between quilt blocks

Selvage edge – the edge of the fabric that is woven so it will not fray or ravel

Sit to Quilt – quilting whatever you want while having fun doing it

Square – all pieces should be even all the way around