Money Saving Tips

Quilt preparation is very important and can impact your cost. If you seek the most cost effective quilter price please follow these money saving tips.

  • Be sure to square and press the quilt backing (this helps to keep the quilt strait on our machine)
  • Your Quilt backing and batting must be 6”-8” wider and longer than your quilt top.
  • Take the time to trim loose threads on both the front and the back of the top. If you don’t, we must. If someone does not take the time to do this these threads will be stitched down offering a less than desirable result.
  • Make sure selvage edge is removed before piecing backing.
  • Check carefully for gaps and holes and repair any if found.
  • Be sure to indicate the top of the quilt and the backing with a safety pin.
  • Do Not Baste or Pin the 3 quilt layers together.